Lazy SusaN

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Tags author:havier dda unrated
Created 2005-12-06
Last Modified 2005-12-09
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Description A lazy game where you sit back, relax and let the launch pads do all the work.


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Thank-you WeilinZou and Eavin314 for the comments.


GOLD LEFT OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

change that please!

very good

for first map, you may want to use differnt methods of propulsion
look at this one, for ideas on how to use thwumps more effectively


thank-you slippysanta for the comment.

I liked it.

That was great, a few close calls, and even though sometimes he was going slow, there were still enemies shooting at him, so there wasn't a time when I was thinking "Come on, just go already." 4.5/5


This is my first map so please rate it so i know what it is like. Do not be too harsh. Thank-you.