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Author Saturn
Tags author:saturn featured jumper playable rated souvenirs
Created 2011-05-15
Last Modified 2011-05-15
by 8 people.
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Description I'll post a demo in a minute

This map was featured on 2015-03-28

He'd grown up here. Of course, the house had been standing then, but he recognised it immediately anyway. His father had been an architect, and he had designed it himself. The house had stuck out like a sore thumb with its square design, but he had loved it.

His parents had died more than thirty years ago. Since then, it had slowly fallen into disrepair. The stairs had collapsed, as had the floors in various points. Rusty nails jutted out of rotting floorboards.

Any homeliness the house had once had was gone.

Memories and a ruin were all that remained. — lifdoff

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Which is saying something, since it's damn hard! Fantastic structure and deceptively simple looks. Loved every minute of it... well, except for all the dying.


that's good enough
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Death demo.

Also, first try. I'm impressed I made it that far. I'm also impressed by the quality here.
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Why thank you sir


Well done. :)
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nice jumper :)
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