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Author frenchtoast
Tags author:frenchtoast contest prizes trophys unrated winners woohoo
Created 2011-02-04
Last Modified 2011-02-04
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
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Description It's finally here... the winners of the Blockwish Contest!

I judged all of the maps based on fun, gameplay, and many other aspects. It was hard to rank all of the maps, but it came down to it, and the 3 winners and 5 runner ups have been decided!

A total of 10 people entered the contest, with 3 main winners and 5 runner-ups!



1st: maximo with their map Block Fiesta!!!!! []
2nd: Jeremoon with their map 60-3 Inside the Outside!!!! []
3rd: zoasBE with their map 13-0: Golden Grahams!!! []

4th: ethel with their map Buildcraft! []
5th: tempaccount with their map Blockwish Jumper! []
6th: sayko with their map Blackfish! []
7th: Mr_Mongoose with their map Tonight the Streets are Art! []
8th: Life247 with their map Myths of Canongate! []

These people did not receive a trophy, so, I'll find something fast and put it below with the trophies.

9th: chaosraider with their map Eddie Mandible.! []
10th: Leadrz with their map the jungles of blockwish! []



To those two, you win, uh... a one-year pass to a ski resort. Uh, have fun.

There will be a new contest not too long from now...!

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when you make another contest.
I don't mind lsudny joining. If I did a contest, I would have at least three judges.

Congratulations to myself for my 3rd Place!!!

Gratz, guys!


When you have the idea, post it on one of my maps.


You're probably right. You can help me judge in my next contest.
Is that by me and you being a judge. When you average the two scores out. Give a brief description on the map based of the scores gotten in aesthetics and gameplay.
Judging based off opinions is not the best way, in my opinion. The best way to judge is based off gameplay, and aesthetics. 50 points for each is fine. Then you average the two scores. Don't take this comment in the wrong way. I'm just trying to help.


They were my opinions. Someone had to get 8th in that contest. And I don't have to give a reason, other than that's how I felt compared to YOU, and anyway, it was MY contest.

Don't be a poor sport. Be happy you got a runner-up trophy. I didn't have to make a contest at all. You don't have to enter.


I say bullshit. Dude, c'mon. You give me eighth and don't even bother to explain why. If that isn't fucking rude, I don't know what is. Last time I participate in one of these failtests.


you could make the contest longer cause i haven't made an entry because of the time limit :S

Don't forget...

To put it on your profile!

jeah I´m the second winner