Napalm Creampie / Culture Counterculture

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy collab krusch playable rated
Created 2011-01-30
Last Modified 2019-06-15
by 56 people.
Map Data

Description krusch and I made this! The amazing door mechanic was his creation.

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Classic Yahoozy
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When I rest

I dream of
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Fastest AGD

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faster agd
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50th rate!!


this is mighty cool
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Fastest AGD

I don't see how people don't like this. This map is amazing. Period.

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Frankly, i think the map is bland until the end; action was less than thrilling, i wished there was more to it. Also, these aesthetics are so 2009. Lastly, hi maestro.

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Hahaha, I'm an idiot. Nice run vankusss :P

so many users and they only comment this map

agd for TFK :P

it isn't hard, dunno why you were doing those weird oneway walljumps
1/5 for me, felt too random
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I didn't even know there were so many people on NUMA.

i came


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u get 44 rates and most of us get a least 8 dude
i agree overrated


are you unsane
we were well aware of that possibility.


Route using Life's find, the ending could be much better. if someone (vankusss) could beat the drone to the shaft at the the bottom it would be extremely badass. Badass map by the way, 5/5.
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including the door thing of course. But I feel the rest of the map is mostly a little dull unfortunately, sorry. 4 though, based on some of the mechanics in addition to alright gameplay.
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moony is half-baked

You're right Brttx, it's the demon power of the Yahoozy...Beware his mighty fist.
I mean, just compare the amount of rates here to everyone else's.

Cool idea, sure, although it's only a small portion of the map. The rest is half-baked at best.
I mean, just compare the amount of rates here to everyone else's.

This must be

some type of powerful demon force.

4 3 2 1

but it's still nicely done. 4
and then i saw it and i was all "whooooa"


I like what pheidi said. I thought the left said was rather uninteresting but the right said was rather cool. No one every reads descriptions, why not? They usually hold some relevant information...
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Nice map Yahoozy...but then again every map you make is top notch.