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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n ibannart latias nart pokemon rated
Created 2010-10-24
Last Modified 2010-10-24
by 31 people.
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Description Pokedex #380

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How've you been, iban? It's been a while since we've chatted.

lol maxson

That's similar to my opinion. Except I realize that there could be some really cool new ones that come out, like Luxray, Garchomp, or other electric, flying types. Still looking forward to an electric/ice combo. :)

I second mahi making an nart himself. Every person that feels strongly in that same opinion (or similar) should make their own at least once imo.

Thanks for the rates and comments everyone!
who cares if you don't like the new pokemon as much as the old ones? It's not like they kill off the old ones; they simply add more. I don't know about you, but I'm fine with that.

The red transform is ugly. The blue is also little ugly.
a little better... Still, very good.

I think mahi_mahi

should make an n-art


and lets not start an argument please.

it's alright

The shading is a little patchy in the blue, and it'd have been a lot better if the red transitioned a little more cleanly.


that's funny, theo, you're just another mindless 5aved-distributor because it's an n-art, and you're calling me stupid. irony. also, i've seen about 10 other pokemon n-arts and this doesnt stand out from them, or any other art for that matter. so i rated it a 3. for something that you just stare at on the hot maps and do nothing else with, it doesn't need so many rates, especially 5's.



mahi is so stupid :>

The original 151

and misdreavus.

:} nice

whats the

152nd your talking about sidke

there are only 152 pokemon ever, i don't know what you kids are talking about
except for the fact that Gold was such a fucking amazing game


#5 in my flying team too.

back in my day, we only had 151 pokemon. and i do not acknowledge the existence of any others. evolution doesnt create 200 new species over night and i am not a creationist!

Wait, no I don't

because then Leafeon and Glaceon wouldn't exist, and that's just preposterous.

"no pokemon
exist after 251. that is all i have to say."

I second this. Faved anyway.

Blood gushes forth from every single one of my pores in admiration, sir

no pokemon

exist after 251. that is all i have to say.




make moar n-arts

'Bout friggin time

I was looking for one of these to pop up... it was mentioned alot, but never happened.
Congrats on the thumb loading whithin the same day you subb'd it.
Brilliant neck shading.
@da_guru WTF HOLY-AGJSKDF...

To Be Honest

I'm Sick Of These N Arts, but this ... THIS IS SO GOOD.

It Is EPIC detailing for n ... O_O




Burn baby, burn!

I like the gray.


hot maps

For an N Art ...

.. I have to say I like it. This will rule top maps.

It loaded

made my night :) Hope you enjoy!