Half Crazy

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n objects puzzle rated
Created 2010-08-08
Last Modified 2010-08-08
by 5 people.
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Description People suggested that I take a portion of my last map and make it a full map. I did just that, taking a bit of crazy mechanics and giving you half crazy.

The challenge is both difficult and easy. Use the trap doors at the top of the columns to get down the levels through the drones as well. Don't set off too many trap doors though, or your way may be blocked from descending any more.

Trap doors make a pattern, figure it out. Take your time and don't rush headlong into it, it'll probably end badly if you don't the first few times around. The last column is the hardest, but the pattern does exist there as well.

Teleporters are there for an easy way to the top of the next row. I have never died by either one, and if you do then your weird :P

A perfect run uses only 5 switches for all three columns. Go for it!

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wow ferox!

You got really far for a first try, and if that drone didn't get you, and you got no more trap doors, you would've made it! :O


FTAGDD you might want to watch:
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Hey Iban

Wanna collab sometime?


but you found the perfect way down in the last column ;)
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Well, I got through the first two.
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Thus making this one rather poor.