Havoc and Chaos

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n ibanrace race rated
Created 2010-07-30
Last Modified 2010-07-30
by 5 people.
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But I got lost quite a few times. This /terrible/ first try demo basically shows the parts that I was clumsy at.
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I cant believe you said you missed me :D.
you got no idea how cool I feel lol. This place proped me up when I was depressed. I had somewhere to go when i felt like i was worthless. To be missed by it lol. YAY

And you're an awesome guy/mapper. I cant wait to see more of your maps and comment on them.

This is fantastic

im sad it didnt get more attention

Looks awesome

but plays worse than your most races, I think.


I like how it looks as well as how it turned out :)

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