Employed Strategies

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Author nevershine
Tags author:nevershine featured megalith rated
Created 2010-06-17
Last Modified 2010-06-17
by 17 people.
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Description some certain people particularly liked this, so here it is.

from my map pack, Megalith []

this is completely different to my usual aesthetical standarts etc. I like it though. hope you do, too. :)

This map was featured on 2012-05-19

Today I want to make a confession.
For a long time ago, I went through one of those moments in life where you question many things.
I was about to leave N forever. Stop playing and stop making maps.
But thank God I found this map.
I played and played for many days. And last of all, this was the map that encouraged me to go ahead with N.
I think these words describe for themselves the quality of this map.
I wanted to one day get to make a map as great as this. I'm still trying.
Superb. — zoasBE

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Good map.

And like I said in my comment from almost two years ago, I think it looks fine. Aesthetics don't have to be elaborate to look nice. 4/5
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AGD! when i was cautious the first few times i fucked up, but third shot i was just like, fuck it, go for it... and it worked! seems like a map where everything comes naturally if you let it. drone in the left room was really nice, even if it wasn't much of a threat due to timing for me, it provided a nice extra bit of interest/depth.
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Like the look.

But it's really hard. 4.

Why didn`t I comment? No matter- it was a real worthy challenge.


I've always wanted to make a map like this. faved.

collab time!


Agree with Z.

Too hard for me; it's great, though. 4aved.


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I was one of those people. I love this. It's old-school, it's tough, and it's epic. Working on AGD. . .
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