A jump two far?

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Author golfkid
Tags author:golfkid challenge rated simple variable-difficulty
Created 2010-05-20
Last Modified 2010-05-20
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description A simple challenge that gives you options on how hard you want to go. Stay on the top level for the hardest challenge, and each level down gets easier.

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Ahh shit

AGD, lost a frame or two at the end by walljumping too late.
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No FBF. ;)
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Demo Data

Squeezed a frame

288 frames now ;)
cool map
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Nice challenge.
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oh I remember this.


First try demo:

wtf I posted on this without playing it D:
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Improved myself
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3,5/5 rounded up

Cool! I loved the most bottom corridor :P

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AGD NReality
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And nice map btw

I got past the top row of mines in my first go... and now I can't pass them again :P
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Thanks golfkid

I know that the map isn't really similar to MTI in many ways at all, I was just aiming for the same sort of 'theme'; that being the type of tiles used, the placement of mines and gold etc.

And yeah, thanks for checking it out :)

there is a third just so u know

Here is my replay, decided to get all the gold.

$A jump two far?#golfkid#simple_challenge#1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111000000N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111110NP010N11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111|5^156,240!12^336,240!12^342,240!12^336,300!0^372,222!0^384,222!0^396,222!0^396,234!0^384,234!0^372,234!0^372,246!0^384,246!0^396,246!0^426,246!0^438,246!0^450,246!0^450,234!0^438,234!0^426,234!0^426,222!0^438,222!0^450,222!0^372,282!0^384,282!0^396,282!0^396,294!0^384,294!0^372,294!0^372,306!0^384,306!0^396,306!11^540,234,342,222!11^540,294,336,282!11^540,354,330,342#441:17895697|17895697|17|0|0|0|40265408|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|40267298|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|17895970|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|89510161|17895701|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|219222289|89478485|89478485|201332053|35791462|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|36071138|35791394|35791394|35791394|17895458|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|71614737|35782656|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|0

wrong demo

here it is :P
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Demo Data

your ded ;D

My ded to you, sir:

Link []

i'll just leave this here...
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is all im gonna say about my demo being one frame slower than golfkids.
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stupid golfkid beating all demos forever
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My own agd

Somehow I never saw the possibility of people going for all the gold...
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and did ;D
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