Jungle Cruise

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Author shadow93kangaroo
Tags author:shadow93kangaroo collab jeep mechrider no-background-cause-nothing-fits nreality rated
Created 2010-01-26
Last Modified 2010-01-27
by 47 people.
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- Take to the jungle with N's Jeep and dodge the illegal snipers and rocketmen! Avoid busting your tyres on the spiky plants [] and quickly bounce off the rubber trees [] for a u-turn boost!
This map is all about AGD speedrunning... with the right speed! If it's wrong, you might blow up on the mines or not make the right jump.

Third of the 'mechrider' series, Enjoy your tour!

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Bike Rider []
Snowboarder #1 []
Snow Rider #2 []

ded to Ferox for the amazing tree - sorry that i forgot this
and ded to all of you, guys! thanks for 28 ratings till now and the nice and friendly comments

N Reality required

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Awesome concept.


that was the coolest map ever. it was weird when the jeep went into the wall but it was superb. i just wish there had been more trees. 5/5

I liked this too.

pretty nice with the bike.

hallo lennart :)
stell mal eine map rein, dann kann ich dir auf der antworten...
und was meinst du mit "took the jeep"? du meinst wie ich das bild gemacht habe? mit GIMP und Photoscape


nice map,how did you took the jeep ?


sick demo with the Seeker Drone there ;D
die nreality map find ich super.. =]
nur bei der andren sind die 2 drohnen echt zu viel.. ;)


"Gleaming Snow Above A Bloody Canyon" und "Another Natural Catastrophe".

Die NRealitymap hat mir sehr gut gefallen, aber bei Waves sind zwei Dronen beim Exitschalter definitiv zu viel des Guten.
Hab's ausgebessert.
Wenn du grad dabei bist, kannst du ja die oben verlinkte Map gleich mitansehen. XD
Die brauch auch noch was. :/

soz for double post

but oh my god! have you checked out the Nreality highscores for this? freaken amazing!!! :D

This is fun

just to play again...

This is fun

just to play again...

Message Arrived


message arrived

you have one new message waiting on the forums...


Ich hab deinen Kommentar vergessen. XD
Ja, warum nicht.^^

no i meant how

do i put images in the description of a map? thanks though

Ach ja: Wann machst du eigentlich 'ne neue Map, damit ich mich wieder revanchieren kann? XD
ähm.. okay.. wenn du nichts dagegen hast stell ich die map rein.. ok?
etz stelln sich nur noch 2 fragn:
1. wie nennen wir die map?
2. wer stellt se rein?

ehm .. ja.. [].. ich hab noch n paar minen dazu.. du kannst ja noch per nreality farben ins spiel bringen.. ;)
ehm.. aber ich kann ja ma guggn ob ich was verändern will..


Demo Data

ehm.. cool :D

danke.. und welchen namen nehmen wir für die map?

Fantastic Map!

5/5! I love the jeep and plants

Demo Data

25 hours

me thinks we did fantastic
arent you glad we started Bikerider, ehh? :D

very innovative map, but with this fantastic concept there's still much room to improve

fazit: gutes konzept, unspektakuläre umsetzung

doesn't play well

but the image mod thing is cool.
Demo Data

so jez abba =D

Demo Data

hamma lvl!!!! Echt voll witzig:)

Demo Data


3 a's are 2 a's too much. Maybe 4 a's would be better. Or one.



a bonus 5 for


again position 1

will it stay there 24 hours?

and finally pos. 2
xD 21 hours was this neat collab between bluepretzel and me on position 1
i like you, rater :)

play the other mechrider [] maps

That`s cool

and I could imagine making a more challenging map out of it. If you want, I`d like to do a collab with you with these concept.

Oh, sorry, i've make some test for the image-map but it's very difficult and it took me many times. I've a lot of things to do and so i think i can't make your image-map...


very nice ! :)