I'm Antoni Gaudí, I'm Dead

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2010-01-10
Last Modified 2010-01-10
by 30 people.
Map Data

Description The architect is dead.

I haven't spent this long on a map in a long time. I think it was worth it.

This map was featured on 2011-04-22

Well, I've been planning to feature this map for ages. I meant to do something creative in this space, something worthy of the effort Yahoozy put into this beautiful map, but I'm out of town and out of time. So I'll leave you with this: if Antoni Gaudi is God's Architect, Yahoozy is definitely God's mapmaker.

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Great aesthetic, but fuck the gameplay... 5/5 for looks and 0/5 because it's too damn frustrating for me.
column b7 level 4, it's impossible.


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still one of my favorite maps, thanks
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good review

for only three sentences

Fuck me, 26 features! This is a really great map though and definately deserves it.

yet another

yahoozy featured...

Was fun.

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I remember it

love these tiles..

channeling a song is my favorite way to make tiles too =)



I see

dead people.
The first second I saw the title that's exactly what I thought of. It's cool to know you like Mogwai (Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep and Superheroes of BMX are my favorite!)

Great map. :D

son of a bitch!

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My word.

I haven't spent that long playing one level by choice in a long time.

Just amazing mechanincs. I tried to watch each time the map got built to see the order in which you set up all the little elements of the map.

On the face of it, this looks like just a rocket and some one ways and gold scattered about, but it feels like you played the map a whole lot whilst making it and that makes a huge difference; With so few enemies, it's amazing what a level you've created here.

In my opinion, this is without doubt worth a 5, and a fave.
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small eyes

but overall i love it.

Slow AGD.

The far right oneways were very bothersome, and the descent was tricky, but the skull was great.
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fucking cool.


Great look and mighty fine play, faved for the face.

love this

nice looks and difficulty, imo. 5aved.


Really nice tiles there. The concept has been done before many times, but this is definetly much harder than the rest (Excluding b_t's one. Dear god. 0_o). That rocket is just top-notch fantastic, and the drones keep you on your toes no matter what. It's infuriating when you're almost done, and then a xzap drone gets you right at the bottom. Fantastic stuff here. Faved.
throughout the entire making of the tileset.


this is badass


No really, those big blue electric balls. More octogon, actually, but balls nontheless.

Nice tiles, 4/5

or was awesome...

but his works still are cool.

Antoni Gaudí

is awesome. His works are so cool.
But coming back down is a balls


Tiles are pretty awful, 5