July, July!

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags action author:rocket_thumped easy jumper playable rated retile
Created 2009-11-20
Last Modified 2010-04-02
by 6 people.
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Description Beads of sweat collecting on my brow, the warm glow of streaming fireworks reflecting off her eyes, the gently swaying waves of hay tickling my finger tips, the playing of the crickets, and the blooming of our hearts. <3 []

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really great map

that perfect episode feel


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AGD is fun. This is not an AGD:
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sorry about the mickytp incident, I got a little out of hand :/ you're right.


This is great. I think this is better than the original.

And, since I left before you asked for it:


i'm not sure how that's rewarding at all. I guess sometimes the shortcuts are more fun.

this is a lot more rewarding imo X] nice map
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just for you

i fired up N v1.3 via (bleh)

below is an agd death, just for show, b/c you can't watch 1.3 demos in 1.4

yeah. very good map, easy, relaxing, good jumps.
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there's a lot here that I like. The open space works wonders for nabbing the gold. I liked how the gauss was effective only in the middle portion, because it made the rest of the map relaxed and cool to just jump around in.


going for the gold is really rewarding.
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