Screaming Fields of Sonic Love

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags author:rocket_thumped featured hard nkb playable puzzle rated
Created 2009-11-06
Last Modified 2009-12-22
by 27 people.
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i killed myself today..

.. tomorrow i'll be born anew.

This map was featured on 2009-12-22

High-volume fields present themselves in a visible, tangible form. It is like climbing up and over pure ecstasy. There is a dip in the wave, but only for a moment, and with each ascension it becomes louder and louder and harder and harder to hop over the next scream. Keep perception of sound a top priority. The echoes of a bullet are not heard when you die. — origami_alligator

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It leads to a very annoying start :/

the gauss

always is a bitch when I want to do a crazy leap at the end ;__; fun map.
wow, i really like the review.
that somewhat lacked on appeal. Very nice review, though.



Didn't like it.


Love it.
Well made, and the gauss, to me, is just perfect.


is the agd i got the other day
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my rating of this map is 3/5.


Whats michael jackson got to do with this n game map???
There's an all gold demo below.

impossible. you will always get shot by the gauss turret
but the idea, and everything else, is great.




map is chaintastic


this is pretty fun

it felt too easy, and too flat, though. but it had a nice idea.




Two gausses might have been better. 3.5 down.
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Loved the start especially.

perfect aesthetics, great job with that. Gameplay got a bit annoying after a few tries unfortunately
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I love it