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Sahathai's Nreality Map Corner!

Shogun Ninja(laser version) []
Chrome. []
Darkness Illusion Crystals []

Favorite KRADDA's and DDA's:
100 Rabbits []

Favorite Nreality Maps:

If you have one I should check out, leave me a message here []

Timing Bomb! []
Aoelian Bruxism and the Pit of Despair []
Map In Comment []Yeah. The map is in the comment. It was due to a coding flaw
that NUMA wouldn't accept the map, so he put it in a comment.
Regravitation []
Umbrella Corporation []
Ultimate N Pinball []
Operation Glidethrough []
Only the greatest nreality map in history.. []
Red Snow Falling Down II []

Favorite normal N maps:

Drone Drum []
33-1 Yes, I'm soo happy because my 200th >.< []33-0 Act VI The Thunder Castle [] Jeremoon's 200th Map.
27-3 Motel [] is one of my favorite maps by Jeremoon [] I love it.
32-4 Happy Stickman []by Jeremoon []

Dragon_Moon's [] N-Art Corner:

Through my heart, through my soul []

Afternoon Dragon Step 01 []
Afternoon Dragon Step 02 []
Afternoon Dragon Step 03 []
Afternoon Dragon Step 04 []
Afternoon Dragon 02 []

Favorite N-Arts:

Dino [] by theNding [].

Favortite authors:

Ferox [] for rating a lot of my maps, as I did for him,
Sahathai [] for him awesome Nreality Maps,
AMomentLikeThis [],
fireburnsfree [] for his ability to pump out a lot of speedrunning maps,
ultimatereading [] because he's just awesome,
MattyMc13 [] for his awesome race maps,
rocket_thwumped [],
im_bad_at_N [],
andreas_xx [],
SkyRay [],
Jeremoon [],
stool []

My Speedrunning Shop series:
For All Your Speedrunning Needs... []
One Pissed Off Cricket []
Distractions []
1 Single Enemy []
Sharp Edges []

Other Uncatagorized stuff:

My 2 part Bungie logo. use the tiles if you want.
Part 1 (BUN) []
Part 2 (GIE) []

My Randy Rhoads Tribute []. I worked for a while on this.

The tribute maps to AMomentLikeThis []

If you don't like me, click here. []
That should solve your problem.

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