Cult Logic

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags action author:rocket_thumped easy featured nkb playable rated
Created 2009-10-22
Last Modified 2009-10-22
by 26 people.
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made this with sept in mind.

This map was featured on 2010-10-06

"There's no way I'm getting out of here, the glitters of ore below me, this sticky limestone and the creatures in the near distance ! Well.. At least there is pure water dripping from these bloody stalactites."

Ninjas are not familiar with this kind of terrain, thus there is some trepidation of moving through the underground passages of limestone. Likewise with myself, I was stunned at the sheer genius and craft of the passageways. The sediment design and placement of the glittery ores shows the skill involved with Rocket's creation, and the madness invoked in their travels into the cave. — superstardomX_

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first try agd
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Demo Data

Cult Logic

played this with sept in mind.

Great map, it has a very nice design. It was a pretty good first review too, save for some poor expression and lapses in grammar.
You're almost as good as me. :D

In all seriousness, great choice. 4.


One of my samples was an R_T. He must just not like me /sad frog.

I enjoyed this,

and I agree with Jawbit and Furry's comments.


I believe in you. Getting past this drone for a speedrun must be possible!!
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Ooh I like. (AGD)

It seems to have a really nice natural flow. I agree with Romaniac that the drones seems just right to be dangerous but not irritating. This is the best I can do for an AGD... I think it's an okay one xD
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quickened my completion by 600 frames!
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Whose are Who's travels?
Why, Who's!

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Gratz jerrod ^^


THIS map is simply one of a kind. it has such originality to it that it brings back to you the feeling of playing a map made by a metanets true artist. the drone are placed in such a genius way that they resemble actual guards, who know exactly where you would be next. WHILE if you slip, the mines are placed in such a way that they give the impression that they are harmless yet they work there Magyk WHEN YOU SLIP.
And above all the maps design is new and very artistic.

deserves: 4.8/5


I've always been planning to review this if and when I became a reviewer. Its one of my all time favorites.

Rocket thumped: "A grand total of 17 applicants and we've arrived at 4 winners.
Chrdrenkmann, gloomp, Orion_ & superstardomX_"

superstardom's first feature is an r_t...
I get the feeling some bribes have been taken behind the scenes...

ahaha, just kidding :3
Nice review for a worthy map

Very fun.

There's a lot of things going on, while keeping the charming atmosphere. 4.5aved.
nice work. so fun, gets really tense at moments but stays fun.

Beeeeeeeeee oot iful.


I wasn't trying to make a sept-ish map, but a map sept would like.


very nice map =D

Oh god,

this is amazing. Also, this is definitely in more of a Yahoozy vein than Sept. Pssh.

terrific flow

just got a bit repetitive towards the end


lots of fun to play.
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I was expecting this to be harder, but it was just perfect.
they don't slow me down at all when i was going fast, which is great, and I still had to watch out for them
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heres my demo
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really fun

i like if u fall and don't react fast enough your dead.
btw do u use photoshop to make those pictures and the ones in the forums or do u use something else cause they are really cool and i want to try and make some



Amazing tiles.

And good gameplay. Nice one. 4/5
the map didn't seem that difficult to me. 5aved; next to Borealis' feature, this is the best map I've played all day.


this is amazing. Like really. 5aved!

pretty bad demo, but I like this map a lot, nice work
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No feel bad.

Feel good. The first version /was/ trash. Thanks to you I made the edit! :)

déjà vu