For my next trick...

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob concept innovative survival unrated
Created 2009-10-23
Last Modified 2009-10-23
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Description Hmmm new concept? (I actually don;t know.. if it's been done in this way I've never seen it) In any case I'm finding it too damn addictive..
Currently I can get about 270 frames but I'm trying for longer. If you can manage to get perfectly balanced after the drone leaves then your're golden for a little while.

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Without fbf i got about 203
Demo Data


I can do
Demo Data
Just when you get a death demo from userlevels, it cuts off a frame for some reason

2nd to worse possible.

And sorry bob i cant get any real demos. D;
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that's a wpd (worst possible demo)
The first few times I tried this level, I spent trying to figure out a way to get out and find an exit...

I guess it's because I normally associate you with puzzles.
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Let's see some demos people!!!
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