Creeping, Crawling

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Author ampburner
Tags action author:ampburner rated
Created 2009-08-12
Last Modified 2009-08-12
by 7 people.
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Description One of my personal favourites from my archive.

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A bit too easy and repeditive
Lol at Karmapolice's demo



good job, mods

this comment page now makes no sense at all. Mission accomplished?


"All critique welcome..."
Do you think I'm a complete fucktard? I knew you could do that and left it in for speedruns. Plus it looks great in my eyes. "
Can't speak for everyone else.
and we as a community acknowledge that. We would like to say sorry for treating you like a normal person, and ask that you forgive us for not looking up to you like you expect us to.

We are sorry.

eww, it's ugly, and it's cheatable
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On the better side of okay. A bit too quick and easy, though.


nice puzzle-ish map. 4/5
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pretty decent

not great but not terrible. I think Chain guns or something should be used. Not snipers. It doesn't present enough of a challenge. 3
All critique welcome of course.