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Author ampburner
Tags action author:ampburner unrated
Created 2009-07-31
Last Modified 2009-07-31
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Description TACIII. Even although I'm not in it, I might as well do a map for it eh?

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I'm disabling andalus in this case. Be sure to check the Map Queue in the forum on TheRealN to set up a date to make a review.
honestly. Just blend into the shadows and don't be a general fucktard. If you leave us alone, we'll leave you alone.


What are you talking about?


That's strange. Since I was certain my andalus was banned.


I was a little suspicious about this guy (good maps for a beginner, talking as if he'd been around for a lot longer, etc) but how was he actually found out?


If you were trying to hide the fact you were evil_sire, you kind of killed that with this [] post.

bad agd

very bad...but goodness I did it.
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nice, I like the tiles too
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