4-3: Egypt is a barren place, Dear.

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Author ampburner
Tags author:ampburner mappack preview rated
Created 2009-07-31
Last Modified 2009-07-31
by 7 people.
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Description A preview of forthcoming events.

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You are a bad liar

you are obviously Evil-sire and saying your not is stupid.


fast, decent AGD :)
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I've been to Egypt.

I'm telling you, it's barren.


egypt is no way a barren place...ethiopia or somalia is barren...3/5


It's episodic ):

fun : )

i'd say work a little on tiles...
but the rest was great : )

Thanks seven_two

I changed it a little bit. It's better now.
Map looks okay. Seemingly randomly placed enemies, gold that does not fit into the aesthetics and bad bounceblock placement all ruined it.
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No thanks.

I'm a solo mapper.
a collab be suitable for you?
It looks cool.

And alright then :/

was 2 doors really

I still fail to believe this is your first account.