Binary to Decimal Converter (Updated)

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Author igutekunst
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Created 2005-11-05
by 6 people.
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Description A test level that demonstrates binary to decimal convesion, usign gates, and a ladder principle.
-I fixed several errors from my previous map, and made the whole thing cleaner. Its now not possible to travel the wrong way.

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yeah, cool, BUT

upon closer inspection the workings of this thing are really really really trivial. each combination has a separate path and all the triggers for the number for each path are in one place. it would be far cooler if the number was generated as you went through each path, and theres only 8 possible ways to do it..

nevertheless it was interesting, not quite as impressive as it could be however.


thanks for taking my suggestions!


this is so kool
but i don't get it..
did you show this to the math club ppl?

You need to know what binary and decimal numbers are first.


I dont get it?

been done before

3 times i think. good idea nonetheless