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Author igutekunst
Tags author:igutekunst test unrated
Created 2005-11-04
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Description Another weird test level that demonstrates a way to repeat a certain loop a given number of times. Depending on teh number of switches triggered, after being caught in the force of the bounce pads, N will do the loop that number of times. I can imagine this principle being applied to make N multiplication, by doing repeated addition.

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Laser and chaingun drones can also be used for calculation with their positions. They move at a constant speed, but when they are firing, they do no move, which allows us to have them at a specific position at a specific time. In return, a player can mess up the calculation by delaying number specification too much. This problem will persist as long as the locked door/drone immobilization bug.


I can be better if you include extra jump pads on the "selector", otherwise the loop can easily be avoided. Multiplication is another story. Repeated addition is not possible, because the bitwise adder needs to store intermediate results, and N cannot do that using doors. (A little bit more technically, N is a kind of a finite automaton, with visit a state only once restriction, in terms of doors.)

However, if people want to try to build better calculators, it is possible to do that by means of floor guards, zap drones, or position of N. Floor guards can be used to identify 3 states: not specified, left, right. Zap drones can be used to specify many states, although 2 is trivial, anything above 2 is nearly impossible (the people who build DDA's might work on them however). N position calcuation is a much harder problem, may even be impossible for some types of operations, yet, two double values as in N's location, can be very beneficial for one's imagination.