The big V

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Author igutekunst
Tags author:igutekunst incomplete rated
Created 2005-09-29
by 11 people.
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Description A crazy group of two v "towers".
This is my first map, so don't complain if its really shity.


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If I were to spell pwn3d in caps, would it be PWN#D?
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pwned even more

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oh :(

way better than my both of my first to maps, - - -and u probably didnt spend as much time on yours, simple yet effective. great work, bravo........ nananannanana batman batman


gj gutekunst. a little bit harder than i expected.


Thanks for telling me about the language thing. I'l keep it clean from now on.

i meant to say

its alot betterthan my first, though that still isnt saying much so ill give you a 4

I like this map

its alot better than my first, though that still isnt so ill give you a 4

Pretty good

Especially for your first map.

Please mind your language - we try to keep NUMA family-friendly.


Not bad at all. Good work for a first time.


i rock
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