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Author _destiny^-
Tags action author:_destiny^- nreality playable rated shafted trn1
Created 2009-06-11
Last Modified 2009-06-11
by 10 people.
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Description Made a map using the flying mod :D

EDIT: sorted :P

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Fun map :)

Flying is awesome, and you pulled it off well. Enough space to have fun but tight enough to be interesting. The puzzley bits are cool too.

Demo Data

Sub-1000 AGD

Demo Data


we're three admins and we will control. I think that every maps will can go on the mappack... but if one is really ****** we can decide about it. ^^

it's a competition... but all the maps will go in a mappack maked by all players from Numa. That's an idea... try to search trn1... all the maps have a high quality. We'll collect them and at the end of all the events we posted it. And it will report all your names

There's a mappack?

I dont have a clue what any of this is for, i just thought flying was cool XD

i think

this one MUST come in the mappack xD

the first is like a puzzle :P


is brilliant



good map

all I have to say

really awesome now

please add the tag trn1... :D (it mean the real N 1 part)


Without hitting the last mine in the map haha
Demo Data


watch this for an AGD XD
Demo Data




yakola beat me to it
and i can't figure out what mod it would b if im wrong...
if im right edit and add this at the end: |||||maxjumpcount,99999
it no workzz : (

you forgot the |||||maxjumpcount,9999# to make the ninja flying. If you want to enter in our contest, you mast add the tag trn1 :D
Nice map but i can't complete it


u mean the one i used?