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Author Hellheart
Tags author:hellheart puzzle unrated
Created 2009-05-01
Last Modified 2009-05-01
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Description Originally developed as a concept map, this became a very rough puzzle. As far as I know, there is (now) only one solution. I originally had mines at the switches, but playtesting revealed that it was hard enough to finish the damn thing by itself.

Demo with the solution included. If you decide to cheat and look at it before you try it, it's still rather hard to pull off. I got very lucky to get it on the first try in this demo.

Edited to force people to use both jumppads

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Maybe if I get lucky I can beat my other score.
Demo Data


You're much better at those sort of jumps than I, sir. Squeezes have never been my forte, and I'm sure I'm not the only one

Oh well

Decent demo for this version now.
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I chose to fix it. Most of the trick is getting through the squeeze, but slamming through both of them makes it a little bit harder.


Didn't notice that it could be solved that way. That's an odd jump. I'm debating whether I should fix it or not.

Pretty fast demo

78 frames.
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OK one switch demo

Not too hard in my opinion.

Now I just need to get the end right and I'll get a fast demo.
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1 switch demo.

Emphasis on slow.
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When I originally made this map, I wasn't sure if it was solvable. I sort of stumbled upon the right way to do it, and it's quite impressive.
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fist try!