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Author dc443
Tags author:dc443 playable puzzle unrated
Created 2005-09-10
Last Modified 2005-09-10
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Description I won't give any hints yet, only two people know the technique (unless I'm stupid, and it's known, which could very well be the truth).

It has been 100% playtested and I will post the demo when people don't get it.

edit: Modified. Double side bounceblock jump will NOT work.

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Take a look at it in frame-by-frame. It's hard to pull off. Three jumps.


But - But1!!
That's what I meant by horizontal bounceblock double jump!!
It's just like the bounceblock double jump only you do it on the side!


that's how rstyrsty did it.

Ok whatever. this map failed :(

Here's the real method. You guys can just call it "dc's stupid triple jump" if you want.
Demo Data


Even closerr...
Demo Data

Um am I doing it the right way?
Demo Data


Nice one, rstyrsty.

Ahh... I think i'm screwed. damnit. Should I modify it one more time?


Demo Data


Now it should be harder, but still fairly easy to pull off once you know how. ;)
Apparently it's still possible using that method. Let me modify it.

Is the method the horizontal bounceblock double jump?