Wretched Wrenches

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Author maxson924
Tags 50 action author:maxson924 unrated wrenches wretched-wrenches
Created 2009-02-07
Last Modified 2009-11-19
Map Data

Description "Make something good for the 50th map!" - im_bad_at_n

"I'm not much of a drone person, unless the word chaingun or laser is before it" - Technochocolate

"Just (need improvement on) silly flaws and ugly tilesets" - Naczz

Did I please everyone? ^_^

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Given the thumbnail

I'd have to play it later to appreciate it. It's a 50 map anniversary, so I have high hopes :)
The rest was pretty good.

As far as I can get:
Demo Data

Great Map

Awesome use of the laser drones, and the chaingun drone was awesome. The launchpads were cool. Overall, 5aved.
the AGD is nowhere near my ability, neither is completion.
watched demos though :P

this map deserve featureing.

what apse was talking about was confusing until i realized that there was a mini forum thing going on. I do that sometimes, mostly with Technochocolate.

the map is definitely good, more than good, flawless (5/5), but why did you disable ratings and WHY does anybody????????
i get some of the cases like repost and other things like that but it gets confusing sometimes.

i think i post maps too fast, im already on 60 and your on 52 yet we were tied at 49 a while ago.

i think this comment is long, time to end it with the best i can do on this map:
Demo Data
i have to do HW now

drone section

of mappack?


your story was pretty good, but not random and interesting for my liking. like the bit about the hobo though. very nice :D.

and yes, there are fires here, but in the east, i live in the west. even so, there is still a risk of an outbreak where i am, and its doing a lot of damage all over..
but im fine :)
but can you check it my hundredth?


not feature worthy.


had an interesting feel to it, a sort of odd map.
it was as if you had created some tiles, designed to be some sort of nart, and then created a level out of it.
don't know. pretty fun, worth about a 3.5 up.
congrats on your 50th anyway.

and you wanted me to playtest a map?
was this it? ive been away for the weekend, so haven't been around for a bit.


Nice :P

And thanks ^_^


Shame you disabled ratings :(

But this is one awesome map. It doesn't DESERVE featuring, it IMPLORES featuring!

Lasers in a superb postion - no hiding from them, Chaingun has the not-so-annoying-than-death-bringing factor, and the tiles + springs add the quality expected of a mapper like maxson :) OH, and the gold is an optional challenge, rather than on the route, so an AGD will (usually) take longer than a speedrun :D 5/5

How was that for a review?

If I was a reviewer

I'd feature this
Actually, being a reviewer would be cool
can't wait til January
kinda mixed though :S

Guess you can't please everyone :P


Demo Data

The Good Ol' Days

lol, and I stand by it.


I found that the gold between the one-way blocks is too difficult to obtain and doesn't quite match the difficulty of the rest of the map. A fun map nonetheless.
what map did I say it on?
and yes, you did.
There are fun parts. But the way the top-left laser was placed was just not conducive to flow at all. The way it worked out was that there was too much waiting every time you tried to move around in there. The launchpads were a cool twist, and the chaingun room was fun, but the length of the wait and the touchy-feely kind of jumping you had to do in the oneway boxes just ruined the map for me. I'd give this 3.5/5 down.
differed from the rest of the map,and so did the chaingun.
Other than that,It was good. 4/5


you disabled ratings...


amazing 5aved
theres something great about this map, I can't pinpoint it
its like a cross between skypanda and kaylab and Palemoon with an original twist

AGD -2

I hit the launchpad too soon
Demo Data