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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy featured nedcon playable rated
Created 2008-12-08
Last Modified 2008-12-08
by 55 people.
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Description An entry to the new Nedcon.

This map was featured on 2009-01-24

My jaw literally dropped when I played Fluxgate; I was so stunned, I ran right into a mine on my first run through. The first thing I noticed was the way it felt; it just screams, “Atmosphere!” It also has terrific enemy placement and tiles. Some people believe it feels like a first race. Others, including me, believe this feels like an exceptional map with exceptional flow. Give the map a try, because whether you believe the former or the latter, you will inevitably give this marvelous masterpiece the attention it deserves. — maxson924

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After all that, I posted RD's demo instead of my own. Here we go.
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I never understood the hype about the "flow" here; it doesn't play like a race map at all. You don't "ride" the tiles on those big arcs as much as you glance delicately off them, and only then if you're precise enough in your jumping. Recklessness is rewarded in a race, but here will put you straight into a mine. Because the map was praised for its race-like nature, I was understandably disappointed back in 2008 when I found it to be nothing like a race at all.

Having revisited it now, I find I like this map a good bit more than I did five years ago. The borders, in particular, are fun to explore; Yahoozy frequently makes great use of minejumping elements, and this map is no exception. He was the mines-only Gym Leader in Neditor Nation for a reason, after all.

On top of that, the arcing tiles are goddamn beautiful. The flow they create demands some precision, but it's ultimately graceful and satisfying to execute and I was pretty pleased when I made this completion demo. Great map, Yahoozy. Really really solid.
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FUN is all i have to say




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Stunning map. Very worth featuring.

Nice map.

I like how speedrun and AGD play like totally different genres.
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chill people

some people like it, some people don't, ok, so just chill

and you don't have to justify your opinion, some people don't know why they think a certain way, they just do.
its ok, it bugs me cause the level looks flowy but isn't


(no gold demo)
not very fun, i agree with many, the map is overrated
liked the tiles, everything else sucked
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2/5. The drones seem out-of-place, the mines are nothing but unnecessarily obstructive, and it just didn't seem fun at all.




Feels like I'm traveling through the skeleton of a deceased dinosaur.

l like this level

to me it feels like a race. the drones and mines are well placed and give the player a challenge than just to fly through it.

Nothing special

Most of the objects were extremely annoyin (especially the mines) and the tiles were ugly.

2.5 v


This level is entirely deserving of its feature. It flowed smoother than water, the tileset gave a unique feel to it, and it is all-over fantastic. Also, unlike some other featured levels, it was easy enough for guys like me to play, but would still give a sufficient challenge. 4.75aved


just because i dislike a popular map and cant justifiably say why, doesnt make me bitter. and the way you phrased that comment made it seem like you were responsible for me and are emberassed at my 'negative comment'. i would appreciate if when you dont agree with me in the future you would keep it to yourself instead of appologizing for me and explaining to the community how i was wrong. and making generalizations about a person from a couple comments is prejudice and quite often frowned upon.


5aved. I just got back from vacation, by the way.
The flow was cool too. I didn't like the tiles, but that's just personal preference. And seeing as the tiles are integral to the gameplay, I wouldnt want it any other way.



<3 Yahoozy

I love the gold challenge in your maps, especially this one. I played this before it was featured a while back, and I just replayed it, and I love EVERY bit of it. 5aved.

The review confused me.


I didn't find it that amusing.
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I'm not sold, to be honest. NR



My newest map is actually inspired by this. xD
What a coincidence. 4/5, like it.


here's my all gold demo as usual

I felt it was very laid back, a lot easier than some of the yahoozy maps I remember. What is this mysterious 'flow' thing that everyone seems to comment about. As if it matters
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chili does that to ya. I must suck st N cuz the gameplay of this map is so fragment it's not reallly that fragmented. Flow is fine, nothing to worry about, enemy placement excellent yet some how dull, gold placemnt seems like some cheap sideshow attraction, yada yada yada 3/5

Lame Completion

My opinion hasn't really changed. The flowy exterior is fun, but the interior caverns were dull. Ironically, I'm not sure what problem Skyline has with that.
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I think these tiles are an extreme example of structure. I have always respected Yahoozy for being able to make simple tile shapes that end up not looking like any tile in NED. Mix this with the spiky flowy curve of design and they practically stick out of the screen.



5 faved
the function isn't to be used for differing opinion.


has an awful habit of blurting out a negative comment, not being able to justify it, and quite often shifting his opinion when challenged. Seems a little bitter to me.

And t3chno, maxson was referring to some shallow attempts at critique below. The review is very well done.


Yahoozy seriously needs more featured maps than this...


read the comments.