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Author Lee_x
Tags author:lee_x featured fun medium playable race rated speed
Created 2008-12-07
Last Modified 2008-12-07
by 18 people.
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Description ..have fun

This map was featured on 2011-01-31

If any map was ever under-appreciated, it's x_3. There's no thought here to aesthetic concerns, true, but that's okay, because it just means every ounce of creative energy is focused towards the best gameplay possible, and it shows. x_3 combines bare-knuckle thwump-riding with mid-air mine jumping and intricate mechanics. The very first frame sees you launched out over a map-spanning minefield, and it doesn't let up until the final push through the bounceblock tunnel. x_3 is one of the most addictive maps I've ever played. Hope the same goes for you. — gloomp

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Agree with

this account has made... and it is featured! It gives me some semblance of hope for a feature. :)


it may look like crap... but it is fun to play.
+0.5 for getting featured, :)
AGD... and good on you for not putting gold into this map.

The worst part for me, was trying to cheat this map and making it harder than it really was.
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all I have to say is....YAY a gloomp review XD

Nah, atob,

I agree; there are some aesthetically raw maps that look nice. I just don't think this is one of them.


If that was kind in reply to me, I didn't say atmosphere and presence needs polish. There are plenty of maps that are raw in design that have aesthetic depth in that regard.

It's all about the styling, yo!

"There's no thought here to aesthetic concerns"

I didn't even need to read who the feature was by to know this was a gloompy. :D

quick run here.

pretty sure the author meant for this possibility.

i did like the map, and i tried to look past the terrible aesthetics, but i still felt like it wasnt put together that well. much of the map can be done out of order and in different ways, the overall feeling i got was just that it was poorly thought out. but this thing was still fun, which matters the most.
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but at least a little of it certainly would've helped here.


and then there's detrimentally graceless.

Some of the mechanics are wonderful, but, imo, a map /needs/ atmosphere and presence for the gameplay to truly shine.

Half of this is great, but the whole is only really half of what's needed.

Just my opinion of course, feel free to trash it.


at the last switch.
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nice choice, lgoopm

would've overlooked this. several flaws but surprisingly well-thought-out.


Hate the look of this, but yeah, its enjoyable.
And i agree with most of what Slappy said.

This concept is a lost art form. This level is definately not art but it has been executed moderately well. In future polish the map a lot more. Speedrun, partial.
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I want to emphasize what gloomp said, particularly "raw" and "addictive", because that is what this map is; it's challenge, it's a brawler, it's a god-damn hideous cousin to DDA's, and yet, it all works to wonderful effect. I actively want to beat this map, not because of aesthetics, which it does not have, but because of flow, something maps direly need these days. If this were attractive, it would be an easy five. I am instead giving it a hard five; I love this type of level, because it's rare, and challenging, and I love this map because it almost embodies the concepts that make up that genre. 5.

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very fun

very addictive
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Better demo.

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It's hard and ugly, but it's also raw and addictive when all the maps today are polished to a soulless shine. 4aved
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