Won't You Please Please Help Me

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Author SkyRay
Tags author:skyray jump jump-only jumponly only rated
Created 2008-11-05
Last Modified 2008-11-05
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description A nice country tileset and a few objects added in there. What a great JUMP-ONLY.

Dedicated to spudzalot - mintnut - fingersonthefrets - jackass77

(for her pleasure)

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ook sorry... i know...

(pleas rate my jumper? :) )


and sorry abaut that.

you should..

make it more interesting, adding more things...

but its what i think...

could get better



What's with the link that leads back to my map? ^^

KUDOS to you if you can complete this without taking a peek at the demo

Remember its jump only..
Demo Data



I hate this map...

sooooooooo much, but it is great at the same time. NR because I can't get even CLOSE to completing this.


what's with this map? Usually you make really awesome maps. This one, well, to put it blatantly, sucks. I do love the Beatles, though.

I'm so sorry. I didn't read the description about it being a jump only map. I need to be more attentive. But that's hard having just come from school.....whatever. Anyway, now that I know what this map is, I will say good job. I can't beat it, but I'm sure someone will. But since I can't beat it, I don't quite know how fun it is, so NR.

Go Beatles! I have the song, 'Because' going through my head right now. The one from 'Across the Universe,' but still. It was originally by the Beatles.

this is weird

i dont think you suck