Timeattack (draft 2)

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Author dc443
Tags author:dc443 incomplete unrated
Created 2005-08-01
Last Modified 2005-08-01
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Description I did some more work on it. I plan on making the player go all the way back to the beginning. :)

Is the floorguard too hard? what about the overall flow of it?

I wanted to make it so that it's somewhat easy to get snagged on something and slowed down a bit, but if you do it right, you can go through almost all of it without having to slow down.

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Thumbnail of the map 'Timeattack'


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I guess I gave up on it. It was just waaay too hard to see it go through the two tunnels, I was able to make it happen ONCE.

So i'll just leave it in there as a fun thing to try to do.. and the rocket launcher will still be there when we come back the other way.

Don't worry i'll add more enemies but i noticed that it affects the response of the first rocket drone. Which kinda screws the "keep the rocket alive" thing... Maybe i'll just get rid of it...


It's fun to bounce around really fast in small passageways. However, the homing launcher didn't stay alive very long, but maybe that was because I was going too fast. Pretty fun.
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im not a big fan of the keep the rocket alive thing at the start.

GOOD addition

i still love the tileset.

Speedy demo

I suggest more enemies in the long stretch towards the floorguard. Moving the floorguard back a tad would be good too.

Anyway, all the way to the end, and I killed myself on the ceiling for good measure.
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