Mercury Jumper resub

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Author Al_Capwner
Tags author:al_capwner image-map mine-jumper nreality playermod puzzle rated
Created 2008-10-06
Last Modified 2008-10-06
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description NReality required, go to to get it.

An Nmod involving increased air speed. Kinda tough handling, but quite fun, snazzy background too. Enjoy!

Please play, post demos, review and rate!

*Resubmitted due to lack of rates reviews and demos, lol*

I'm pretty sure the Numa mods would be okay with this, I'm not planning on resubmitting this so much it'll be spam, and this is again my own map.

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Awsome lvl. Hard but fun.


i like turtles

Very good.

A little too difficult, but good. 4

I loved it

I downloaded it from the first sub, but couldn't find it when i was coming to rate it. 5aved. Little difficult for an N Noob such as myself, but overall great.

Thanks for the four

Can you leave a demo if you beat it?


I am the king of speed mods, and aprove! =D