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Author Al_Capwner
Tags author:al_capwner dda nreality playermod unrated
Created 2008-09-18
Last Modified 2008-10-06
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description I put to use the last glitch I found, which was in "One Big Bouncer" and made a better DDA. Rife with close calls, no launch pads, and a brand new non-traditional DDA tileset. At first glance, it looks absolutely nothing like a DDA, but it is.


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well hot damn, Sam!

Thanks, it works now. There you all go, now please rate and review! so far I got 2 5/5s and I wanna see how far it'll go!


I'll try to update it.
Oh and try to take cAPS lOCK off next time, lol.
for some ppls nreality u have 2 take off the fifth | eg at the end of the level data there is |||||r,25;terminal_vel,10000# only ||||r,25;terminal_vel,10000# is needed

Oh maaaan!

that was SICK!!!
totally awesome!!

no no no...

after you load the level data, then paste the mod data in the end of the data, then hit load again. there.


Even with nreality, I can't get it to work.

Undead pie...

D you have Nreality? It is required for it to work.

Go to to get NReality, then it should work.

Tinkers, thanks for the 5/5!

I am sorry

I cannot make it work . . Not in debug mode or in userlevels
Tried adding the last sentence as you mentioned but still nothing . . It also says |||||r,25;terminal_vel,10000# at the end of level data. .
Really wanted to watch this one though =)


That is freakin awesome. 5/5