One Big Bouncer

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Author Al_Capwner
Tags author:al_capwner dda nreality playermod rated test
Created 2008-09-17
Last Modified 2008-09-17
by 5 people.
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Description NReality is a necessity, OTHERWISE DO NOT RATE!
This is the weirdest glitch I've ever seen in a mod. I found it, but I hope nobody found this before, or this may seem redundant.

This is the only DDA that I know of entirely run on jumps. Explanation: N sinks just a little bit into the tiles, then springs out, that's how he jumps.

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but i never thought of telling anybody .. but a DDA i never wiuld of thought of 4/5


i pressed E after i hit R and played it
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some times it

doesnt work this did tho
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if it had enemies i would give a 5.