Chromatic Chimeras

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Author Cheespuffs
Tags author:cheespuffs race short unrated
Created 2008-09-07
Last Modified 2008-09-07
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Map Data

Description To exist as I of many eyes
Tentacles in our heads wrestling with
anonymous segments.

Rowing deep into the murk with psychosis
sitting on my lap
Finding a rythm entrangled in nothingness
On witnessing the present system
A monstrous collage in movement
Free to stray, swim in a tomb if you want.

All directions, every angles
Nuances, infinite possibilities
Confusion of a saturated mind
The flood is so stimulating, but just where do we stop?
Currents numerous...hard to focus...yessss...yESsSSSS !!!
We want answers! Not confused babblings!

Losing control is a treat, still...
We could be drained...
We could be drained...of...

Chimeras, precious chimeras
Ejected from the assembly
Unto a circular technological slave pen
Bound to be part of this geometrical harem
Speak the frequencies of liberation
The universal language of positive similarity
When one crosses the threshold of the collective territory.

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Demo Data


The flow is good

and I liked the bounce blocks.
Demo Data

It's pretty cool...

not full or anything but I like the idea
Demo Data
I don't seem to have the attention span to make full length races nowadays. I didn't add enemies either.