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Author Cheespuffs
Tags author:cheespuffs puzzle race rated
Created 2008-07-23
Last Modified 2008-07-23
by 5 people.
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Description Made completely, COMPLETELY with 1 tiles. Not even full E block tiles were used. oneways weren't used either.

I could have made this longer but I would have run out of steam and the flow would just get boring and not interesting, so I stopped when I got tired of adding new flow, because I wanted the small amount that IS there to be good.

I made this more of a puzzle-find the flow race, so I didn't add enemies.

I took a big risk with this map, and I hope it pays off :)

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احمق هم خودتی

Thank you Honey

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i sent you a pm.

thanks :)

I know I shoulda added enemies, but I was too lazy -_-

I also wasn't sure about the map itself. I might make another longer one with enemies...

Maybe with another tile.


Dont you just want to stab flagmyidol with a fork!? I havent rated any of his races higher then a 2, doesnt know anything about races.

Now you on the other hand very nice. This map was pretty cool. It was simple, effective and addicting. But sadly it still gets a 3 from me. It needed enemies and gold because I really didnt think the flow was that hard to find.

Keep it up.


did you even look for improvements or are you just trying to get back at me?


This is what you said about Endurance, my map with only 1 tiles, no enemies and no mines:

Although the tileset has a common theme, its really boring and ugly - a tileset is more than just a theme, its a design.

The flow in this was really choppy and unflowy. Also, there were no enemies or even MINES.

Although its an interesting concept of using only one type of tile, trying to make a loopy map with that one type of tile doesn't work out. It could have been flowy, but loopy without other tiles to round the edges doesn't look or flow good.

Now, quotes from your description:

Made completely, COMPLETELY with 1 tiles. Not even full E block tiles were used. oneways weren't used either.

I took a big risk with this map, and I hope it pays off :)

This is more or less exactly what i thought when I made Endurance. You gave me a three. I will now give you a three.
Also, I don't know where you got the idea that I was trying for a loopy race with Endurance. I wasn't.


hallo ich spiele N seit 4 monaten und wollte mich mal ans editieren machen und wollte wissen ob ihr mir die tasten belegung mal erklären koennt????ó_ò pls
Ich verstehe das nähmlich nicht:
Ich drücke die angegebenen tasten und es geschieht NCIHTS gibt es vllt. eine deutsche version mit deutscher tastenbelegung??
Wenn ihr mir schreiben wollt:

LG -N-Paul-N-

Is that the way to do it? minus the cockups. Didn't look at any demos but did it on my first try.
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Mildly entertaining. Worth playing a couple of times to highscore. Basically, you get what you paid for.
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it just wouldn't be loopy. but it could still be flowy.
553 frames
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It was kind-of tricky to get right though.

It's pretty good for only 1 tiles... Now try E tiles. :)
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Could be beaten.
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NR. Too weird for me. Still, fun to highscore on.

Oh yes, and it is a VERY big risk. :P
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