Get To The Choppa!

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Author victimbf2
Tags author:victimbf2 nreality playable race unrated
Created 2008-08-27
Last Modified 2008-08-27
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Map Data

Description A concept I was working on a while ago.
Unfortunately, Riobe beat me to it. Oh Well.

Some need to know information:
Meant to be played in userlevels.
Coming out of the 4 bounceblocks will cause a glitch.
May the fastest time win.
Erase the "4,_color," to make the bounceblocks visible.

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Very nice.

Demo Data

really glitchy :D

beat Riobe by .075 lol - damn that was a close call!!

Uhh Yeah

Accidental Hax o_O
Demo Data


Beat it with 0.175. On NReality. :)

Don't thank me

Thank Losttortuga. He gave me the idea, but it was too late for me. :)
By the way, that makes a great addition to the map. Smart thinking. :D


Hey...add this to the end. It makes the bounceblocks invisible.


This was very nice.