Red Mist: Part 3

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags author:radiumfalcon mine-jumper playable rated red-mist rf-minejumper very-hard
Created 2008-07-30
Last Modified 2008-07-31
by 20 people.
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Description Final chapter of the Red Mist Series.

Dedicated to stonedeagle [] for AGD'ing Cosmic Flora []

After 2 days of work, here she is. Part 3, including less misty-mines, more flowy jumps, and harder difficulty. (I think)

1st AGD = DED

Also, only play this is you have a reasonably good computer, patience, and good mine-jumping skills.

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that gold I skipped is definitely possible. it's easy, even.
you should check out this map []


Is that gold I missed even possible?
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And faster.
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Holy crap, this is easy ;p
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4/5 it was ok




KK i'll check it out.
One of the best mine jumpers ever. Hey, have you seen my purple haze series, I think you'll like it
good until that one :/

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I'd much prefer if the hard part was at the beginning, it'd prevent me from saying stupid things :P. I "playtested" the last jump, It's EVIL! If you make a hard map, please don't make it so long.

I can semi reliably get to that point but no further. ;_;
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it was high, but still fine up until then. the last jump at the end I never got, let alone the gold that was along it. You should never have put that in, such a bitter send-off.
the start was yet again, pretty bad, starting on slopes with mines can be quite annoying. Some of the jumps were quite inventive. the best was climbing the right-hand side. Put that as just a map and id give it a 5, but the rest wasnt as good as you have done previously. Tha mines didnt also seem to be a mist anymore; the mist was breaking up.
still fun though, but a bit difficult
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Well I want you to know I still have respect for you Bupo.
my map count is not pertinent to my knowledge of this place and its users. just because someone has one map doesnt mean they dont know what they're doing. I was here LONG before you ever were, RF.
because he is more experienced than me. Bupo, on the other hand, has 1 map.

lol bupo

you're like mintnut, if i do say so myself. i appreciate it when people are extremely blunt; it conveys the points very clearly. if, in your criticism, you are vague and just say that the map is fun or something dumb like that, the mapmaker can't do *anything* with it. if, however, you are very blunt and say exactly which things were wrong, the mapmaker can fix those things not only for the current map, but for the future as well. if you keep doing that over and over and over, well then there are only so many problems that a map can have, and if they keep getting eliminated...
so i much prefer an extremely frank criticism, and i think all authors who wish in any way to become better should certainly not be offended by this blunt, almost provocative criticism, but rather utilize it to fix difficulties with the map.

(don't look at my first comment on this map.)
I am pretty ample, I usually dont sugar coat things - so, I guess for some people it will take some getting used to.

You certainly are

ample with your criticism. I appreciate it, but it seems a bit provacative to me. Bupo, I personally think playing one series of mine should not obligate you to become so negative towards my maps. Try some other ones.


the worst of the series. Probably because the design is been used before in the other two. This one is flat out annoying, the long load times and lengthy executions that are required (which have to be perfect i might add) crush my desire to ever play something like this from you again. In addition, I am one of the most patient people you'll ever meet.

Ill give this one a two. If you want, you can tell me not to rate any others of yours if youd like.

It's time for you to expand your horizons.

i actually

thought this was fairly easy...


Last one in the series.

More annoying

than fun.

You should probably step away from this design now, it's growing a bit stale.


I spend 20 minutes testing every little jump on these maps so I can assure you it is possible.

How'd you test it?

Put the ninja in the parts you couldn't reach? XD


I love red mist! 5/5aved

Trust me..

I can't even come close to completion.

I can't get an AGD

because I can't even complete it. I would though.


get an AGD.

Unfortunately I may not get it first.

I like the immediate danger thing, and I think it's the easiest yet. You reduced the loading time by five seconds compared to your previous one, :p I want to rate once I've completed it. I don't mind the loading time because of the easy difficulty.
But stringing even a few, much less all, of them together really makes them worse. And the loading time could have easily have been reduced as well. I won't rate down for it, but it does effectively cut any aesthetic benefits the extra mines give. Nevertheless, I enjoy it and find it fun, but as a whole level... I find it a bit overdone.

3.5 rounded up.

agree with TKS...

...about the loading time that makes it boring, especially because you often have to reload: try to remove unnecessary mines...

without the lag anyway it would be somewhat fun (IMO) to try and retry, so i give it a 3.5/5 rounded up...

quite fun,

i liked how easy it was.


Long Level + Hard Level + Long Load Times = Design Flaw.

Not to mention you start so that you're in immediate danger. I don't enjoy the unnecessary load time. 3/5
And get some momentum..
Otherwise, its nice. 4