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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags action author:radiumfalcon fun hard playable rated rf-flowyspeedrun
Created 2008-07-25
Last Modified 2008-07-27
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description A tad flowy at some parts.

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Sub 400

Speedrun :)
No problem, your maps are fun!
I liked the mines outside the map. 4/5
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good map

Demo Data


I liked this one a lot it was really good 5aved/5


I like this a lot. Lots of good highscoring routes.

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I love this map.

I really enjoyed the flow.
Despite the fact that I would have preferred if the remote terminal wasn't placed right over the exit, and that it looks a little ugly, the gameplay and object placement (other than the remote terminal) more than make up for it.

Make some more easy maps! they're relaxing and fun to speedrun :D
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first go AGD

quite fast
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thats why im not applying to be a reviewer, Im just pretending =P


You 'review' lacked full sentences...

The map was kind of fun, but a little too hectic to enjoy the flow. And the key shouldn't have been on the door!

DBL post

Anyways. Since you wanted me to apply to be a reviewer, I will act like one.

"Pandemonium" is definitely a map that lives up to its name. The rockets are so well placed, that the homing rocket follows you around if you don't dispose of it quickly. I found myself trapped between rockets at points and never stopping. The chain gun drone forces the ninja to stay moving and the gauss snipes the ninja. With switches in every boundary, the map, or battleground, is stricken with rockets and bullets everywhere. To anyone who plays this map, stay agile and alert. You will never know if something is ready to hit you, but something probably is.The mine pattern is just stunning also. It gives a "I'm dead because I'm cornered" feeling. If someone wants to test their mettle, let them AGD this map.

Seriously, easier than your other maps though. I almost made it but the rocket got me as I was jumping into the hole. 5/5.

surprisingly fun

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a fun agd

i like the mine pattern. i would have placed three enemies tho...4/5

a fun agd

i like the mine pattern. i would have placed three enemies tho...4/5