Red Mist: Part 1

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags author:radiumfalcon hard mine-jumper playable rated red-mist rf-minejumper
Created 2008-07-26
Last Modified 2008-07-26
by 21 people.
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Description Part 1 in the Red Mist series. A very hard map.


Don't complain about too many mines, that's the style.

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it's alright
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This is the map

I was mentioning below:
link. []

Still no completion :(

The placement was good and it was a good mine jumper even though I don't like them 5/5

I love it!

You're the only author with three maps in my favourites :D

The mine pattern's cool, it's kind of strange that a level I'm making uses almost exactly the same type of pattern!

there we go

AGD, took me 10 minutes
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This map is difficult, fun, amazing, aesthetically pleasing, etc. etc. etc...

The mines that flow through the map are awesome, the title is perfect, the gameplay is superb, the... it's...

You set this up perfectly. And if a sequel is coming our way I'll be ecstatic when it finally gets here.

I beat it

but argg...
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read title
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I can't do it... I'm not a good player though.

perfect atmosphere

the middle was wack!


Just another mine jumper.
it's still quite bland. 3


That was sick. Especially the flow part in the middle. 5aved

I'll play in a sec

But was this inspired by anyone?


Best mine-jumper in a while. I have almost AGD'd this, going to try some more tomorrow. Anyway, 5aved.


Loved it.

Really Good Map.


oh and...

it's not too many mines, it's perfect.
ITS AMAZING!!! 5/5aved
and i dont think ill ever get AGD on this...


That's pretty cool.