Pantothenic Acid

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags action author:radiumfalcon blackson blacksonesque gauss rated rockets
Created 2008-07-23
Last Modified 2008-07-23
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description Dedicated to Msyjsm for completing Holocaust [].

This map completely rip's off of blackson's [] style. So uhh yeah..

Rate and Comment me and I'll and do the same for you.

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Liked it 4/5


Would've been 5/5 but -1 for ripoff
I tend to keep checking maps i've commented on for a couple o' days afterwards, just keep those threads of convo going.

Anyways, I'm a minimalist clean-lines kind of guy, so this just isn't my kind of thing.


for your honest opinion. Yes, my maps are quite cramped. Just how I like it.


for your honest opinion. Yes, my maps are quite cramped. Just how I like it.


I don't mind. A little too cramped for my liking. All the enemies slow each other down =/ the jump pads were nothing but annoying. Sorry, 3/5
The mines and gold are very well placed. The tramps make maneuvering so much more difficult. 4/5. This level requires well planning, quick reactions, and the ability to deal with unstable ground, rockets, and gausses, all while paying attention to where floor guards and mines are.

Cool level

nice playablity. 4/5.


I like it but the spaces are too little for the ninja in some parts. gold is very well placed


for the feedback :)

actually, it's not

a *complete* ripoff of blackson's style. this is more enclosed than blackson's maps are. i would recommend opening this up, making it more spacious. as it is, it lacks the magical element that makes a map truly great. ehhmm...having said that, it's fine. 3.5/5 rounded up.