The Forgotten Greenhouse

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags actionish author:radiumfalcon hard mine-jumper playable rated rf-minejumper
Created 2008-07-17
Last Modified 2008-07-17
by 15 people.
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Description Here it is; a classic RF-Minejumper []. I spent I good deal of time on it and is possibly my best map to date. Rate and comment this map and I'll do the same for you.

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Could be a bit more polished, but it's quite nice as it is. I'd not rate it 5 now though.
Demo Data

Fun 5/5

Just too much

4/5 for tileset


rate 4.5 rounded up

So far,

i've squeezed into the second room once... and I blew up :(

Other than that, it's great!
Can't decide whether to rate 4 or 5
Demo Data


I cant do it. I think I have to squeeze through in the second room... 4/5. I still like the difficulty even though I cant do it.


Its just that I hate seeing the same map over and over in the Hot Maps area. Sortof annoying. Just try to find a time where people are usually on. I find that people are on from about 5-7pm (mountain time). And that not many people on weekends.


sorry i didn't mean to be pushy...just no one rates my maps anymore...thanks =]

Thanks for support,


@ hoohah

Here you go :] []


you didn't rate or comment on any of my you said you would.

Both of you are referring to crescor right?

Here is a solution

Dont resubmit...


try that:)
It fully answers my question:)
(maybe add a mine or so..^^)

@ crescor

When I resubmit a map, first, I delist the original, then modify the code slightly. (NUMA doesn't allow identical maps) Then, I resubmit. Does that answer your question?

Also, thanks for the 5 :D.


I think it i good. Like the gameplay and the tileset is funny to.


great map:)
(p.s. is there a way to delete a map, or how can you resubmit maps, cuz I post my maps always when ppl aren't online^^)

i like this map

good flow to the jumps too...the only part i found tougher than needed was actually the first room...but thats probably just cause im not to great at mine jumpers