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Author Domination
Tags author:domination flowy hard puzzle race rated techno-puzzle
Created 2008-07-08
Last Modified 2008-07-08
by 24 people.
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Description ==N-reality needed== []

This isn't exactly a puzzle but it you have to think, fast. Prrobably will take a few tries but I thought this was quite unique.

Before I forget, the idea was from Player_03's level. So credit to him for a great idea. :)


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Small Cheat

Demo Data

Very good


quick completion..

Demo Data

faster AGD

Demo Data

Gold is mainly for an extra challenge. Completion is pretty easy and there are no proper enemies to challenge you. It's mainly about maneuvering the tiles in enough time.
And get it 5'd. You and Evil_Bob left me out =*(

4'd, gold was a bit tedious


Great idea.

I intended for the chimneying to be a little bit more "exciting". It makes a bit more of a challenge to get up in time.

How original.

Love the tiles. 5/5

Exectued very well.

A bit frustrating, but you used the concept very well. 4

Love this.

amazing concept =D
Very unique...Loved it



Demo Data
mustve taken you a long time to create.
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Its pretty sick. 5aved

Brilliant concept

I liked it, AGD is pretty tricky.
I kinda thought the tiles got in the way of the gameplay and obstructed the flow at quite a few points, like the first chimney jump bit with the 3 and 7 tiles.
I would 4.5 if I could, soo..... guess that rounds to 5.


Demo Data


AGD is pretty tough, I like this idea though
Demo Data
AGD later..
n ya the usual -5/5
Demo Data

Holy crap!

Unique as fuck..

love the concept.. am onto it.. :D

Demo. Try to complete it without watching the demo. If you're stumped for what to do, or simply cannot do it, have a look.
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