Meteor shower

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Author Domination
Tags author:domination fun nreality objectmod unrated
Created 2008-07-07
Last Modified 2008-07-07
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Description Wow this mod rocks!! Use N-reality. Quite fun to mess about on! :D

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In general I would say most maps are fun because they're well-constructed, but I love the quick-and-dirty-ness of this map, both in the visuals and in the gameplay. 4/5.
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I only got to the switch

Sure go for it.

Can I use this mod?

It's awesome.

Awesome close call demo.
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All gold-1 demo

i have absolutely no idea how i survived! :D i was prepared to die any minute.. lol
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oh a mod. Nevermind sorry. My N-reality was being stupid. Much more a challenge now.

2nd try all gold

Very fun. I think the rockets should have been lower for more of a challenge.
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mod. Love it!!!!!!

boo hoo

All but two.

best I can do
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Wow I agree with you :D


Refine the idea!

Demo :D
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