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Author Domination
Tags author:domination nreality objectmod unrated
Created 2008-07-07
Last Modified 2008-07-07
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Description Use N-reality. Mainly based on luck.

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how is this hard?

I did it first try, and then found out I wasn't recording. So I did it again, second time the same. Third times the charm when I finished it 3/3 and recorded.
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But mildly amusing.
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how do i get to fbf mode?


i didn undrstnd the code editng.

did :)

and yungerkid, dont u know the meaning of "luck" .. u actually got hit by the laser in ur demo but didnt die.. kinda wat player_03 talked bout..
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second try demo
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If you can't understand this [] (assuming that's the page you looked at), you need to be introduced to manual nediting.
This topic [] has information about manual nediting, though it isn't all in the first post.

Heh, founder of a glitch is me. :P

Well, to be honest it's Player_03 who noticed it. :\


Can someone tell me how to make a rotating laser drone, cuz the wiki doesn't help AT ALL. PLEEEEEEEZ?


I've never seen this glitch before.
Watch this in FBF mode.

(screenshot [])
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Sorry, fixed. :P

Oh yeah

I found the map data corrupted :)


I don't see you get the exit switch... how to get it?

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