No One Knows (Fixed!)

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Author Domination
Tags author:domination easy fun maze puzzle rated techno-puzzle
Created 2008-07-02
Last Modified 2008-07-02
by 10 people.
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Description Go for AGD. Speed is needed. It's a same race but with not much flow. Enjoy, It's semi puzzley too. :P

Bah sorry, last time pretty much the whole concept of the level got mucked up because I was being a muppet. :P Should be fixed now, although I'm having my doubts.

DED to spudzalot for first AGD on my 'Slam' Map


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Faster AGD

Interesting map.
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Man you are damn close to get sub 2k frame AGD. You stutter a little in the bottom right. You gotta get everything perfect.


this has happened like the 10th time =(
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Very, very nice demo TRT_Bardock. :D


'twas fun while it lasted.

faster AGD

if done properly u can even reach the exit key before the drone train...
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faster AGD

so u just moved the exit to the left.. amazing wat a difference it made. lol
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enjoying sharing the 2 hot maps spots with you.

The 5's look great. Ha


Is a character trait.


Faster. :P
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Very nice blackson. Exactly how it should be done. Although a bit slow and sloppy on the demo. Shows you understood it. :)

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Amazing map.

Without looking at any demos, or reading any comments. 5aved
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The exit switch should be the last object you get the door was in the wrong place.

I don't get it.

What did you fix?
The whole map seems the same to me.

I can't get an agd

but this is really good. 4/5
4/5, It's a little short though



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