Spongy Layer, Though

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Author notkitt
Tags action author:notkitt collaboration featured playable rated
Created 2008-06-12
Last Modified 2008-06-12
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description notkitt [] featuring the boy cucumber []

Its a bit hard, but you'll get used to it.

This map was featured on 2010-04-18

Columns... Tunnels... Sponge... That's what this map consists of. Your fluid ninja flows thorugh the various nooks and crannies of this porous map, drawing all manner of life towards it. Sediments from an ancient world conspire to create an atmosphere unheard of in modern mapping. Run to the sea - and hope you don't get caught up in the tide.

I think I'm going to need a glass of water. — ChrisE

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I totally missed it back in the day! Nice one, notkitt!

wish i could give it a 2/5

and ericku i do have easy 5s


you're right, when a map has 25 rates, it's a lot more reliable than one with 5. I was talking about how enespanol felt compelled to state that his 3, THREE out of 5 wasn't a snipe, which shows that he's afraid to give out less than a 4 (and he's far from the only one).

when 25 people

have rated a map, it is a pretty good indicator of what the community feels the map is. Some have easy 5's others give them out sparingly. It is all subjective.
sums up every way that the rating system is misinterpreted/misused.

At below: not only is 3/5 not sniping, you should only give it to maps that are above average. If you didn't like this map, you should've given it a 2.

For fuck's sake I just want to see people rate more strictly. A public 4/5 should be the exception rather than the norm :(

First of all,

It dosent look spongy at all. Second of all, I cant get past the place with rocket and mines. 3/5. Not sniping, really!
I didn't see anything beautiful or special about this map at all O_o

Liked everything until I realized I had to do it twice.
Demo Data
i think the laser is bad too



almost all gold demo...
Fun map

I include the demo, so you can see the moment that I go, "what the?? OH wrong way." I like maps that can do that to you.
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awesome map
Demo Data

The laser is bad, but I like the rest.


i'd like to see something today half as good from him


we got the reference notkitt


no one get the reference?


right back at ya kk :P
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This is fucking beautiful I agree. 5
I might incorporate some into my maps if they're called for.


Brilliant map
Demo Data

One door's gonna float, they all should. Consistency is most important.
floating doors don't exactly look nice, but if they function well, so be it.

Amazing review, and a good map too.



Very cool

Great gameplay and nice looking too, good job!


make more of these; there very fun and entertaining. 5aved


Pure genius.


too.. fun... 5aved...


Very fun and creative. I like the rocket part on the very right. 5/5aved.
by kkstrong