Stand by your Principals

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Author Cossack
Tags author:cossack featured n-art non-playable rated
Created 2008-05-26
Last Modified 2008-05-26
by 49 people.
Map Data

Description Well, first map in about a billion years. kinda like a celebration for the new numa design. was using kno3's nartismic for this so its just a test art - im not greatly happy with it.

PS to kno3 or mrgy05 - how do you get c-snap for it? is it possible?

This map was featured on 2011-07-04

It's important to stand by your principals. The ability to fight for what you believe for; to show valour and courage when facing adversity, merely to defend a simple right to believe; to be willing to sacrifice yourself in the name of an ideology is what distinguishes man from the beast. Even to this day, people all over the world are fighting - actively placing themselves in a position of danger or criticism to promote an ideal. They know what they do is dangerous, but they don't mind.

Because if you can't Stand by your Principals, why stand at all? — squibbles

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nice avatar, dodo222


nice creation :)

oh god

i revisit this for the first time in gooooooood knows how long (i still come back and play now and again) and i get much a positive comment :) thanks peoples.
@Gioum - im not sure what youre trying to get at but of course the effect of the blood isnt perfect - its been the 1st and last time ive drawn blood splatter... still - lookin at things like i wouldnt say its terrible...


Such a picture , with only 2 different colours great great great go on like this man

I agree with mahi.

Kopfschuss hört sich viel beschissener an als Headshot :D



seems like this map

should be sniped.

However, my principals say don't do it.

My first reaction "woah"


or as the germans says:
you sprawled the blood in too little space, and you're joining together huge bits with small bits, which don't certainly make a good match, and it's preferably better when you fit a "bloody theme", like circles or curves. this combinations looks horrid. NR.


The blood work

isn't great, and the overall effect is lessened for it.

finally he get one :D


5aved man this must have taken ages!!!


musta hurt 5/5


I'm //zander.
that'd be great.

hey kno :)

good ta hear from ya again :D. ill give it a go in the next few days when i have a free moment. i didnt realise how busy my holiday was gonna be :P will see what i can come up with :D. youre zander on the forums right? (away for too long ... ) so as to pm ya what i thinks :)


if you want... I did update artismic slightly:
I wouldn't mind feedback if you can... everyone on the forums are lazy bastards.


Bloody good



That's awesome.
5/5 Easily


gonna feel that in the morning...
looks more like a red deer coming out of the back of his head


he got a NO SCOPE!

In Bruges.

funny as hell.


that is AWESOME

makes it look like there's arterial spray and grey matter and all that good shit flying around in there.

Nicely done.

Soon as I saw it I thought "BOOM HEADSHOT!" The blood could have been better, as could the shape of some parts of the body (i.e. waist down), but the theme is BRUTAL! 4/5 from me, I rounded up...they stole my .5's.

oh thank goodness

it was such a pain to do all those door switches. ah - live and learn :D, thanks dude


nice, thanks for the credit...
press and hold shift and it goes c-snap

$4 for you.
nice picture but the blood could have been a bit better...


very nice N art.
hopefully ima be on a little more again :P, cheers for the comments. :D

v.good =]



that is outright disgusting.
disgusting-ly good!