Oh No! A Mini Jumper

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Author Maser
Tags author:maser jumper mini mini-n n-reality ninja nreality playermod tiny unrated
Created 2008-05-23
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Description N was desperate. He just had to get out of this lab! Suddenly, he saw a shrink machine in a hidden room, the entrance was behind a giant painting. He thought: "Hey, I might find an exit if I'm smaller", and used the shring machine on himself. But unfortunately he fell down in a hole in the ground, and he just had to get to the bottom, where the exit was.

A jumper map with tiny playermod. Most of the gold is very hard to get, but relax, you don't have to if youre not in desperate needs of a Ded.

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Ded to Gothic_hippy for an amazing tileset :)
Its here btw:
Also Ded to 1st completion and 1st All gold (you don't need to survive o.O)

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you have to use N-reality


I didn't know ppl were still using my maps... Sweet.


I dont get it...what am I suppose to do exactly??