Bounce Park

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Author Maser
Tags author:maser bounce bounce-blocks crazy debugmode funny funpark guass guasses jump park playable playpark rockets unrated
Created 2008-04-27
Last Modified 2008-05-10
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Map Data

Description This is a Fun park level where u can play around at the bottom with the bounce blocks, or u can jump crazy jumps at the top. You can block the guass turrets in the corners with traps if u think its too hard, the triggers are right above them. The door key require some jumping skills to get to, but its still not too hard.

Another thing that i think is very enjoying is, you unlock one or both rockets, then play around with them down at the bounce blocks till you die :P

This is funniest to play in debug mode, so u can respawn where u want if u accidently die. Infinite time is also very good :)

If the Fun Park competition wasnn't finished i would b happy to join.

I also like the tileset, its kinda relaxing to stare on a few hours lol.

EDITED: changed the traps by the corner guasses to locked doors and deleted one bounce block that made it too easy to get to the exit key, heh. I also include a new demo.

This is the 1st in the Bounce Park series.

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its just soo fun :)
Demo Data

The New Demo

i accidently hit the exit in the end :P i tried to make a longer demo where i show a little more KRA playing.
Demo Data


one more way to get the exit key. geetakingle, can u find that too?

Fast completion

Demo Data

a demo

3000frames, i took the exit key the hard way :P its doable in 2 other, easier ways too. Who will find them?
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