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Author CaptZeroth
Tags author:captzeroth jump medium playable puzzle unrated
Created 2008-01-23
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Description Hey! Its me! Capt Zeroth! Its been a while, probably 2-3 years! Well, I doubt many (if any) remember me, but I decided to stop by and post a little map.

Well, I haven't played for a while so I decided to make an easier map; its more of a puzzle. The two passage ways on the sides are just to increase difficulty. They are NOT mandatory, but there is a little gold down there.

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so that if you ever cme back you will get a nice surprise. Don't remember me? Don't worry I joined at the end of '08.

This map was pretty tricky sadly I couldn't demo it :( 3.5 up
Yes, I remember you now. You made those awesome tilesets.



I remember you!

:) Nope

I don't think you did. ;)

got it :D

did I cheat?
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